The Year Ahead with Prue Willsford, ANZIIF

The Year Ahead with Prue Willsford, ANZIIF | Insurance Business

The Year Ahead with Prue Willsford, ANZIIF
ANZIIF CEO Prue Willsford is very excited about the feedback ANZIIF has received this year since launching its new Skills Units.

“We’ve worked with one of the big global insurers to collaborate and co-design an underwriting academy and, as part of that project, they did a global review of what is available in global insurance education,” Willsford says. “They came back to us and said that what we’re doing with our Skills Units is head and shoulders above anything else that’s available globally.

“It was amazing, and it’s really about how innovative it is and, also, how effective it will be as a component of their course. Getting feedback like that tells you that you’re on the right path.”

Willsford talks about the reinvention of ANZIIF over the past three years, and what it means for the organisation in 2017.

“What we’re finding … is that there are lots of people who have an idea of who we were, but don’t yet know who we’ve become,” she says. 

“So, our real focus next year is on engaging the industry so that they really understand how we can add value to them and really ensure that they understand how we can partner with them to assist in attracting, developing and retaining their people, growing the insurance community.”

Willsford says ANZIIF’s objectives for next year include continuing to work closely with the industry on “tailored learning pathways” and continuing to build out its skills units so that there’s a “real breadth and depth of relevant education for the industry”.

Willsford stresses the critical importance of quality broker education for sustainable business growth.

“[Brokers] have really got to demonstrate that they add value both to the client and the underwriter. To do that, they’ve got to be really focusing on quality, risk-based advice,” she said. “To do that, they’ve actually got to have the skills that will enable them to be confident, to be productive and to be effective.

“We don’t just want growth. We want quality growth, and the broker’s role in that is really critical in terms of assessing and managing risk and writing good risk.”

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