AXA unveils climate change training program for shareholders

New initiative hopes to reinforce awareness of environmental issues

AXA unveils climate change training program for shareholders


By Kenneth Araullo

AXA has unveiled its latest initiative to extend climate change education to its individual shareholders as the giant insurer continues to underscore its commitment to responsible corporate conduct in response to environmental challenges.

This new initiative comes after the completion of a climate change training program for 96% of its employees as the firm integrates climate awareness across all levels of its organization.

The Climate School, a training program developed by AXA Climate, offers its shareholders an opportunity to broaden their understanding of climate change impacts and mitigation strategies.

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This digital micro-learning platform, developed with input from over 120 international scientists, experts, and researchers, touts an extensive catalogue focusing on environmental and sustainable transition topics available today.

“Science at the heart of actions”

With this new program, AXA hopes to enhance understanding of climate change’s effects on both the natural world and the business sector and explore actionable strategies for individuals and companies to minimize these impacts.

The initiative is also part of AXA’s broader strategy to foster extra-financial knowledge crucial for a sustainable and effective business transition. The program also aims to fulfill one of AXA’s targets for continued sustainability in its insurance portfolio.

Ulrike Decoene, group chief communications, brand, and sustainability officer at AXA, emphasized the insurer’s science-based approach to tackling environmental issues.

“AXA has always placed science at the heart of its actions. This training course, which we are now going to open up to our individual shareholders, is one of the ways in which we are demonstrating this. By educating as many people as possible, we are continuing and persevering in our commitment to a more virtuous, low-carbon world,” Decoene said.

Antoine Denoix, chief executive officer of AXA Climate, also highlighted the training’s role in supporting clients through their ecological transitions and adapting to climate change’s effects.

“We provide our training to a wide range of clients to help them ensure the success of their ecological transition and their adaptation to the effects of climate change,” Denoix explained. “By developing the knowledge of AXA’s individual shareholders, we are taking a further crucial step in supporting all our stakeholders, who are key to the success of AXA’s climate ambitions.”

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