Momentum Life boosts service and compliance with AI-powered quality assurance

Insurance boss outlines unexpected benefits of new tool

Momentum Life boosts service and compliance with AI-powered quality assurance

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By Roxanne Libatique

Momentum Life has streamlined its quality assurance processes for contact centre interactions, aiming to enhance its ability to address engagement issues swiftly and maintain high customer service standards.

The insurer has adopted an AI-powered compliance and quality assurance tool, QBOT (Quality Bot), developed by Quanton, a leading automation and digital transformation services provider in New Zealand.

Quality assurance process in New Zealand

Momentum Life said traditional quality assurance methods are often expensive and time-consuming, with a 10-minute call potentially taking 30 minutes to review. These methods usually cover only a small sample of calls, which might not accurately reflect the overall performance.

Additionally, many existing systems primarily focus on sentiment analysis and offer generic solutions.

Momentum Life uses QBOT

QBOT employs AI to transcribe call recordings and store them almost in real-time, allowing companies to audit 100% of their calls. The system identifies and flags calls that do not meet required thresholds for further review.

John Che, customer success manager at Quanton, said QBOT uses an algorithm developed by Momentum Life to evaluate and score each call based on specific compliance rules and business needs.

Quanton created an intuitive portal and dashboard, enabling agents to easily access QBOT results, monitor call compliance, and focus on calls and agents that need support.

QBOT was integrated into Momentum Life’s existing systems through automated backend processes and incorporated into its risk and compliance framework, with the solution implemented within six weeks.

“QBOT is providing rapid feedback and coaching to agents as it provides oversight and a required audit trail. An agent might be having a bad morning because of personal issues, and it’s impacting their service. As the data can sync in near real-time, the system can identify that and enable the company to take steps the next business day to help the agent,” Che said.

Benefits of using QBOT

Momentum Life CEO Lloyd Cartwright said the company is seeing additional benefits beyond the expected improvements.

“The work it does enables us to think about it in different ways across our business – not only from a quality assurance perspective, but also from a sales or marketing perspective,” he said.

He added that the company has managed to handle increasing workloads without expanding its workforce. The solution has also created an environment where the bot performs many routine tasks, enabling staff to focus on other aspects of quality assurance and risk management.

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