Cover-More launches travel app for 24/7 safety monitoring

Program was first launched in Australia last year

Cover-More launches travel app for 24/7 safety monitoring


By Kenneth Araullo

Cover-More Travel Insurance has launched its Cover-More App in New Zealand, available on both the App and Google Play stores, marking a significant advancement in travel safety technology for Kiwi travellers with round-the-clock monitoring and support.

The app, which was first introduced in Australia last year, transforms a mobile phone into a dynamic support tool, featuring opt-in GPS tracking and inputs from security analysts. This technology provides a range of services, from timely travel alerts to immediate assistance access.

Will Ashcroft, managing director of Cover-More New Zealand, describes the app as a comprehensive travel companion, offering immediate response and support to travellers in various situations. Its capabilities were notably demonstrated during the recent earthquake in Turkey, where the app's technology allowed the Cover-More assistance team to quickly locate and reach out to users affected by the disaster.

The app also provides pre-emptive warnings in cases of impending dangers, such as approaching cyclones, enabling travellers to receive timely advice for evading potential hazards. With over 55,000 downloads in Australia, the app ensures swift assistance in emergencies.

“With the push of a ‘big red button’, travellers can access Cover-More Assist 24/7 and our emergency team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and security experts can swing into action right across the world,” Ashcroft said.

Another notable feature is the app's provision of digital access to insurance documents and coverage information, which can be accessed even offline. It also includes detailed country and city reports, covering a wide range of topics such as entry requirements, political landscape, and specific advice for different traveller demographics.

The app's GPS tracking, activated only during trip dates, enables personalised alerts based on the traveller's location. These alerts are informed by a combination of security analysts and an AI engine that monitors various information sources for potential threats.

“This gives near-real-time targeted alerts, based on exact location, which is a really powerful piece of value for travellers who are going places they may not necessarily be that familiar with. It gives peace of mind for our customers, keeping a watchful eye over them,” Ashcroft said.

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