Pinnacle Life

Pinnacle Life

Best Digital Strategy Insurer/Underwriting Agency

Pinnacle Life has digital strategy at its core. The company launched the first website allowing customers to buy life insurance online instantly in 2007 and has continued to invest in ground-breaking technology ever since. Most recently, Pinnacle Life became the first company to offer life insurance with income protection in one policy online. This product solution is part of their ongoing commitment to making things as easy as possible for their customers. While many of their competitors advertise an instant quote and cover, most require a phone call or contact details to conclude. Pinnacle Life’s strategy focuses entirely on the customer being able to fulfil in their own time, at their own speed. They focus on keeping things so easy and uncomplicated that customers are confident they are making the right choice about their cover. Nothing is left unexplained. Pinnacle Life believes that life insurance should be accessible and affordable. Because they are an online company, it costs less to run their business, which gets passed on to customers in the form of low premiums. An ongoing strategy that leverages digital innovation to enable life insurance solutions makes Pinnacle Life Aotearoa’s leading online provider of life insurance, income protection insurance, funeral insurance, and critical illness and disability insurance.

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