Apex Insurance

Apex Insurance

Apex Insurance comes back to this year’s Top Insurance Workplace list for its work in providing its people with an environment that encourages professional growth, embraces diversity and inclusion, and supports work-life balance, and promotes health and wellbeing.  

Apex boasts a gender-diverse and multicultural workplace. Seventeen of the company’s 31 staff are female; it has one female director; and 43% of its brokers are female. Aside from Kiwis, the company also has people from Australia, Pacific Islands, India, China, Germany, Russia, England, Malaysia, Brazil, and Switzerland.

Apex sponsors all its customer-facing staff to undergo through Level 5 training, and has subscribed to the training programme through NZ Brokers which gives all staff access to programmes run through IBANZ. When it comes to career progression, existing staff are prioritised whenever a position becomes available.

All staff are discouraged from being at work after hours. They are also urged to use Team Re-boot resources as well as to get out of the building during lunchtime to run or walk, even installing a shower, so the staff could work out their stress away.

All salaries are reviewed annually, but it is not unusual for Apex to give someone a random increase if they are working to a higher standard. And while the company has no specific programme for recognising all achievements, they often award staff things like a Westfield voucher or bottle of champagne for a job well done.

Prior to the COVID lockdown, all APEX staff were prepared to continue operations from the safety of the home. Not only were they set up with the technology, they also began using Microsoft teams to communicate with each other. The company even managed to migrate its document management system to the cloud to make it easier for everyone to access.