Zurich launches new SME offering to NZ market

Regional manager Brett Wainhouse reveals Zurich's new small business insurance offering, and discusses the innovative online broker platform that will host the product.


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Brett: [00:00:20] Yes. Well, it's quite simple, really. 95% of New Zealand is small business. We're an SME country and we know we can add some real value. And by doing this we're going to be a new market with new capacity and we want to be smart about how we went to the market as well. So therefore, we're looking at technology to enable us to do this through a new system called This is some way we can touch base with Zurich in a far cleaner, more efficient and easier way, which is really the core of this proposition.

Brett: [00:00:55] is an innovative technology platform. It enables brokers to, quote, bind, endorse, renew and issue certificates of currency all at their fingertips.

Brett: [00:01:14] The main business benefits of is ease, and speed is the core of this proposition. You can, quote, find renew 24/7. You can self serve with certificates of currency at your fingertips at any time. It automatically generates you quote your policy signals at the time of binding. We have a very clear appetite and defined from the outset. We don't waste brokers time. This system is backed by clear data, which is fantastic. And also it gives us a lot of agility around how we can update pricing and go to market. But it's more about that.

Brett: [00:01:47] It's around people in the service. We're going to have a service proposition that wraps around the technology proposition of We have a great service in terms of underwriting and referrals that will be met with KPIs. So if something can be referred, you'll have a human underwriter looking at it and getting back to you very, very quickly.

Brett: [00:02:12] We're going to be really strong with retailers, trades, property owners and professional officers. But really it goes back to the functionality of the system. You can go in and from the outset brokers will know. Because we've pretty qualified over three and a half thousand and it codes what we may like, what our appetite is going to be, and what is going to be outside of appetite right from the get go. So we're not going to waste your time. The data we can get from this is quite, quite unique, quite fantastic in the sense that we can alter pricing and our appetite as markets evolve and conditions change as well. So yes, we're going to be better when we start off with at the smaller end of the market. That's what we're going to target. But these things move and I think this is the joys of this type of technology platform and it's really quite exciting time for us.

Brett: [00:02:59] And it's really important to mention that our SME motor proposition sits really neatly alongside our SME property and liability functionality through Given that SME is a new proposition for Zurich here in New Zealand, there's always going to be a bit of a lag factor in terms of when you write your first policy to win, the claims start to flow through. But rest assured, we've actually got an SME claims team ready and set to go from the outset. Now they are distinctly for SME and we're actually doubling down on our service around claims because we think it's important. It's more than just the technology and how you can quote and bind with us. We will actually have a claims team that we're going to evolve and the service is going to be absolute paramount. We'll be looking to have online notification enlargements either through our claims tracking system or via our website, In addition to this, we'll be implementing a priority payment service really for those small property claims and we'll have those paid within 24 to 48 hours. So again, technology on the one hand, phenomenal claim service on the other, and with the broker service and advice that you'll be getting, it's a great proposition to market.