AAMI’s new advert: Why differentiation matters

AAMI’s new advert: Why differentiation matters | Insurance Business Australia

AAMI’s new advert: Why differentiation matters

Australian Associated Motor Insurers has unveiled a new advertising campaign that highlights the importance of differentiation.

The advert, created by the Ogilvy Agency, focuses on a man named Keith who appears to be comparing different auto insurance plans, according to a report by Explica. In the advert, AAMI points out that both it and its competitors offer essentially the same services. However, there is a crucial difference in the way those services are offered.

AAMI emphasises the advantages of its more specialised service, according to Explica.

“However, the rivalry between insurers is not the most interesting of this campaign,” Explica said. “It is the way in which it positions its differentiated and added values as the main point of sale before its competitors.”

The advert, Explica said, helps reinforce a concept “that seems to have been forgotten in the market over the last few years.”

“It must be recognized that concepts such as emotional connection, social responsibility and even digital presence are not only important, but necessary in a marketing strategy,” Explica said. “However, it seems that some brands have focused more on these ideas than on factors without which a campaign cannot function, such as added value and differentiation. The new AAMI activation is a reminder that the basics should be in the spotlight.”