'Crash-for-cash' scam foiled by dashcam

'Crash-for-cash' scam foiled by dashcam | Insurance Business

Another bizarre dashcam footage has surfaced online, which several social media users were quick to label as an “obvious crash-for-cash attempt.”

The video – uploaded on the Dashcam Owners Australia Facebook page – revealed a suspicious incident at a coastal road in Melbourne, where a driver with the dashcam hit the rear of an already-damaged van, after the van suddenly swerved in front of him and jolted to a stop, leaving him no time to pull the brakes.

Immediately after the collision, the alleged insurance scammer got out of the van and started yelling at the driver who hit him – and just as quickly took off after he was informed that the incident had been recorded on a dashcam, Yahoo 7 and Daily Mail Australia reported.   

“When I informed him I had a dashcam, he changed his story and claimed he was attempting to avoid a dog (there is no dog),” the man wrote online. “I called the police and he jumped in his van and took off without giving me his details. Please note the pre-existing damage to the vehicle.”

A number of Facebook viewers were convinced that the incident was a foiled attempt at an insurance scam.
“Looks like an insurance scam,” one person wrote. “Saw (the) driver's bullbar in his rear vision mirror and thought it was pay day... Changed lanes without indicating, stopping in moving traffic, and failing to provide details, plus damage, and his insurance will deny any claims.”

"Looks to me like he has damaged the side of his van previously and was looking for an accident to happen so he could blame them and have his vehicle repaired by some other person's insurance," another person wrote.

There were also those who believed that the dashcam owner had time to brake harder to avoid the collision, the reports said.

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