EML renews partnership with Woolworths

EML renews partnership with Woolworths | Insurance Business

EML renews partnership with Woolworths

EML and Woolworths have renewed their partnership, allowing the workers’ compensation claims-management specialist to continue managing claims for the Australian supermarket chain under a self-insurance scheme to 2023.

The two first partnered back in 2013 and together have helped several team members recover and return to work since then.

“We’re committed to helping people get their lives back and delighted to be able to continue to partner with Woolworths to achieve the best possible recovery and return-to-work outcomes for their team members,” said Mark Coyne, EML CEO.

“We congratulate EML and look forward to continuing our partnership to provide our team members with the best care-and-recovery options,” said Kevin Figueiredo, general manager of group safety, health, and wellbeing at Woolworths Group.

EML said that while self-insurance allows businesses to tailor and specialise their management of their workers’ compensation portfolios, to improve employees’ recovery and return-to-work outcomes and premium costs.

EML’s other national self-insurance partners include BHP, George Weston Foods, and Tomago Aluminium.