Ex-KPMG director to join MetLife Australia

Ex-KPMG director to join MetLife Australia | Insurance Business

Ex-KPMG director to join MetLife Australia

A former KPMG director will join MetLife Australia in early April.

Wendy Tse, former director in KPMG’s superannuation advisory team for the past two years, was appointed MetLife Australia’s chief of staff and external affairs. In her new role, Tse will advise clients on regulatory and government affairs, and represent the office of the CEO across the industry.

Tse brings to MetLife nearly 20 years of experience in superannuation wealth management advisory services, compliance, administration, and transition management. Prior to KPMG, she was general manager of consulting at SuperRatings, providing funds with deep insights into the superannuation landscape across Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. She has also held numerous roles in global consultancy firms providing advice to a range of superannuation funds.

“We anticipate the regulatory environment will continue to evolve this year and it will be challenging for our clients and customers,” said Richard Nunn, MetLife Australia CEO. “We need to work in partnership with them to navigate this changing landscape. Wendy will help us do this, as well as play an important role in evolving our life insurance business and the industry. We intend to be a strategic partner for our clients, adding value at a tactical level, and helping them to serve their members to build a more confident future.”