FM Global launches training program for firefighters

FM Global launches training program for firefighters | Insurance Business

FM Global launches training program for firefighters

A global commercial and industrial insurer has launched a new self-paced online training program to help firefighters enhance their firefighting skills in buildings equipped with sprinkler systems.

FM Global's interactive Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings program trains firefighters on how to create pre-incident plans with owners of sprinklered buildings, as well as educate them about the design, function, and limits of sprinkler systems, why sprinklered buildings burn, and how to combat fires most effectively with sprinklers in operation. The program is available to participants at no cost.

“In some situations, firefighters can unintentionally make a fire worse at the scene by closing sprinkler valves and turning off electrical power prematurely,” said Michael Spaziani, assistant vice president and senior staff engineering specialist at FM Global. “Even the most experienced firefighter can benefit from this specialized training.”

Participants who complete the program and pass a skills assessment will be given a certificate. Visit the FM Global website to access the training.


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