GB shares tips on how to do social distancing right

GB shares tips on how to do social distancing right | Insurance Business

GB shares tips on how to do social distancing right

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) forces many businesses to move to remote work, Gallagher Bassett has shared tips on how those that can’t switch to a work-from-home system can keep their business running while avoiding the spread of the virus.

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GB said businesses can practice social distancing at the office during the COVID-19 outbreak by following these tips:

Avoid shaking hands. Handshake has long been ingrained in the corporate culture as a way to greet or size someone up. But with a disease like COVID-19 that spreads through person-to-person contact, GB advised workers to do any of these instead:

  • Place your hand over your heart and nod at a person when you greet them for the first time;
  • Perform a yoga bow by placing your hands in a prayer position in the center of your chest and giving a slight bow;
  • Simply wave or nod to the person you’re greeting.

Split work into shifts. Splitting work into shifts, or into smaller shifts for businesses that already work in shifts, allows people to keep their productivity levels even without creating the crush of everyone going through the same morning routines together, GB said. The firm also advised to keep all non-essential personnel at home on paid sick leave until the spread of the virus has slowed some.

Keep sickness at home. With COVID-19 on the loose, businesses can’t afford to have sick people in the workplace. Employees who don’t feel well must be encouraged to stay at home. It is also best to provide employees with plenty of paid sick leaves, so they don’t feel like they’re wasting their paid time off by staying home.