Hollard Insurance CEO takes leadership role at ICA

Hollard Insurance CEO takes leadership role at ICA | Insurance Business

Hollard Insurance CEO takes leadership role at ICA
Richard Enthoven, CEO at The Hollard Insurance Company, has been appointed president of the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) and chairman of the board for the next two years.

Gary Dransfield, CEO for insurance at Suncorp, meanwhile, joined the board, taking on the role vacated by Enthoven as deputy president of the ICA.

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Enthoven, who served as acting president after the departure of Suncorp’s Anthony Day, is a “personable and highly respected business leader” whose stewardship of the ICA comes at a pivotal time for the general insurance industry, said Rob Whelan, ICA CEO and executive director.

“His perspective on how the insurance industry should respond to the challenges posed by the rapidly changing social, economic, and political landscape will be invaluable,” he said.

Whelan also thanked former ICA president Day for his contributions “during a testing year.”

In accepting his new role, Enthoven said he is committed in continuing ICA’s “proud tradition of ethically and expertly promoting its members’ roles in providing insurance protection and security to the community... in consultation with key stakeholders.”

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