How Arch Insurance successfully implemented DEI initiatives

How Arch Insurance successfully implemented DEI initiatives | Insurance Business Australia

How Arch Insurance successfully implemented DEI initiatives

Insurance Business Australia (IB) recently identified and celebrated 17 progressive companies with 5-star diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Among this year's winners is Arch Insurance Australia (Arch), which stood out for its commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion by focusing on specific DEI objectives that tie to colleagues, customers, and culture.

In an interview with IB, Arch regional manager Dom Brannigan and operations manager Michelle Rudd walked us through the company's journey in establishing and implementing a 5-star DEI program.

Establishing a program to take care of a major company's employees is not a piece-of-cake task. Brannigan said one of the challenges that Arch had to face when developing its outstanding DEI program was ensuring the ultimate goals it had set out were achieved.

“That means having measurable success criteria and constantly assessing performance against those criteria. At Arch, we have established several DEI-related targets with set dates for achievement which extend from board-level composition down, and we have the commitment from the C-suite and at every level of our organisation to deliver on those targets,” Brannigan said.

Rudd added that the Arch team worked diligently to ensure the program was seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the organisation.

“From our recruitment strategy and building out our Arch Employee Networks, to promoting inclusive behaviour through our Arch Experience initiative and incorporating critical aspects into learning and leadership development, the program has become very much business as usual at Arch,” Rudd said.

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