icare hosts insurance forum in Lismore

icare hosts insurance forum in Lismore | Insurance Business

icare hosts insurance forum in Lismore

NSW insurer and care provider icare has hosted a forum in Lismore to inform Northern Rivers employers and rehabilitation providers about changes to the workers’ insurance scheme and to seek feedback and suggestions.

David Huxley, icare’s Northern Region relationship manager, said the organisation works with local employers to better understand the unique aspects of the region (including Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay and Casino), to “find ways to reduce injuries, assist in getting employees back to work sooner, and minimise the cost of workers’ insurance premiums, while effectively increasing productivity.”

The event saw a representative from icare’s medical office explain how icare’s in-house medical expertise improves the delivery of healthcare to customers. It also featured a presentation exploring the value of workplace connections and how they can improve organisational culture.

“If we can build a psychologically resilient workplace culture, we can start reducing psychological injuries at work,” Huxley said, noting that psychological claims are among the most complex and costly claims. “This should also enable employers to provide support earlier for workers who may be experiencing a problem, before it becomes overwhelming.”