icare’s Dust Diseases Clinic officially opens

icare’s Dust Diseases Clinic officially opens | Insurance Business

icare’s Dust Diseases Clinic officially opens

NSW workers affected by dust diseases will now have improved access to medical care and support services with the opening of an NSW insurer’s innovative new facility.

icare’s state-of-the-art Dust Diseases Clinic, located on Pitt Street, offers free screening services, including x-ray, full lung function test, and a medical examination with a medical specialist, to NSW employers and workers impacted by hazardous materials, such as asbestos and silica.

Workers screened at the icare clinic can have an appointment, diagnosis, and medical certification completed quickly, allowing for the determination of their claim within 10 to 30 days, compared to 30 to 180 days when done by external providers.

“By combining three distinct lung-screening services in one location, the icare Dust Diseases Clinic reduces the time customers must wait for specialist appointments and diagnoses by more than 80%,” said Dominic Perrottet, treasurer and minister for industrial relations, adding that the clinic is equipped with the latest medical technology and is fully wheelchair-accessible.

The Pitt Street centre also provides options for expanded service and support offerings to all of icare’s customers over time. Areas of the multi-purpose centre have already been made available for use by community groups offering support and peer services to icare customers.