ICWA hosts two workshops on the CIS scheme

ICWA hosts two workshops on the CIS scheme | Insurance Business Australia

ICWA hosts two workshops on the CIS scheme

Two interactive community workshops will be held this June to discuss the performance of Western Australia’s Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme.

The two sessions, hosted by the Insurance Council of Western Australia (ICWA), will be held on June 06 and 27, and will involve some 300 CIS scheme service providers to gather feedback on the CIS scheme.

Most of the services providers are small WA businesses in the health, disability, and community sector, and provide treatment, care, and support services to people catastrophically injured in crashes on WA roads.

At each workshop, the scheme’s performance results, as it approaches the end of its second year, will be presented, and feedback on how service delivery efficiency and effectiveness could be improved will be sought by ICWA.

ICWA, which manages the lifetime treatment, care and support for most of those people either via the CIS scheme or the compulsory third-party insurance scheme, said more than 100 people have been catastrophically injured in crashes in the state since the scheme’s inception.

“The Insurance Commission has managed the Catastrophic Injuries Support scheme exceptionally well since its inception on July 01, 2016,” said Treasurer Ben Wyatt. “Feedback on the scheme from participants and their families, and service providers has been very positive. The Insurance Commission has also maintained the affordability of motor-injury insurance premiums, as Western Australia remains one of the most affordable jurisdictions for this cover.”


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