Insurance repair business announces major changes

Insurance repair business announces major changes | Insurance Business

Insurance repair business announces major changes
A leading insurance repair business has announced a change of name and CEO as it looks to develop its business in Australia.

RIZON Building, formally Ensure Building, has announced a new group structure alongside its new CEO, Ian Jennings.

The rebranded company falls within a new group, RIZON Group, which also includes restoration services business Remeed Solutions and will be based in new offices Brisbane.

Jennings is a former Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA) CEO and the newly named company think that he will be able to grow the business over the coming years.

“With a wealth of achievements within the construction and insurance industries Mr Jennings’ addition to the RIZON Group will add substantial expertise to the Group,” the company said in a statement.

“His industry and business capabilities, including construction and insurance experience, commercial insight and strategic vision, are the perfect skill set to ensure the continuation of the Group’s growth and success."

Jennings has experience in disaster-related work in the aftermath of Cyclones Larry and Yasi as well as the Mackay and Bundaberg floods.

With new premises in Brisbane secured, the company is also looking for a new home in Newcastle to service clients in New South Wales as well as a Townsville location for North Queensland clients.

The company stressed that while the changes are sweeping, they should only strengthen the business in future.

“While the new RIZON Group name, branding and logo portrays the bright and cohesive future of the Group, all RIZON Group entities are continuing to operate in their existing structures with the same personnel and quality service and outcomes that has underpinned the substantial growth of the businesses.”