Labor calls to extend the royal commission

Labor calls to extend the royal commission | Insurance Business

Labor calls to extend the royal commission

Labor has called for an extension of the banking royal commission from its current final reporting date of next February, saying it should be given “more time and more scope” to give more aggrieved customers the chance to tell their stories.

The commission is expected to submit its interim report no later than Sept. 30, and will provide a final report by Feb. 1.

Acting Labor leader Tanya Plisbersek said that “if there is a case that the commission needs to extend the time it has available to speak to more people, to travel more parts of Australia, then that option should be on the table,” Guardian Australia reported.

“Despite the fact there have been 9,000 submissions, only about 27 Australian customers had had the chance to tell their stories in person, so if there is an argument for more time and more scope for the royal commission, the government really ought to consider that,” Plisbersek said.

Commissioner Kenneth Hayne is not anticipated to request for an extension of time, though senior figures have signalled that such a request, if made, would be granted.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said he was “positively disposed” to a request by Hayne for an extension of time; while Prime Minister Scott Morrison lauded Hayne for conducting the inquiries “in an exemplary fashion,” saying that should the commissioner request for a time extension, he would grant it, Guardian Australia reported.