New SaaS for insurance enters Australia and New Zealand

New SaaS for insurance enters Australia and New Zealand | Insurance Business

New SaaS for insurance enters Australia and New Zealand

US-based tech hardware companies BeThere Group and CAPTUR3D have teamed up to introduce a new software platform for insurance in Australia and New Zealand.

The two companies said they have combined their extensive knowledge of the insurance process, customer service, and software development to pair the latest 3D digital evidence with a best-in-class sharing platform. This platform will assist incumbents and third-party providers. 

“Using 3D tools to scan an area of damage is going to change the way we look and manage claims,” said Grant Beck, CEO and co-founder of BeThere. “Our workforce of claims handlers is younger and technology to them is the now, not the future. So, if we can use this technology to almost gamify their job role to better understand a loss, we will see better customer service, improved NPS scores, and overall retention in staff into a role that has on average 40% turnover of staff per annum.”

“We have worked extensively with industry experts to tailor and develop a safe and secure 3D solution to fit seamlessly into existing processes whilst providing industry-specific, onsite training, and support,” said Simon Wojcik, COO of BeThere.

Steven Kounnas, COO of CAPTUR3D, said this approach to data management could soon become an industry standard.

“We’re seeing this kind of data visualisation technology be adopted at an extraordinary rate overseas, particularly in the US,” Kounnas said. “The intuitive nature of digital twins is such that the insurance process can become truly accessible for all stakeholders involved. Being able to visualise data in real-time ultimately aids the transparency of claims handling, limiting the opportunity for disputes. As such, we want to see digital twin technology really find a foothold here in Australia and New Zealand.”