NRMA partners with GIVIT for COVID-19 relief program

NRMA partners with GIVIT for COVID-19 relief program | Insurance Business Australia

NRMA partners with GIVIT for COVID-19 relief program

Not-for-profit donation platform GIVIT has announced that it will support people in New South Wales (NSW) South Coast impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through NRMA Insurance's (NRMA) COVID-19 Relief Program.

As part of the relief program, GIVIT will distribute essential items to people impacted by the pandemic across the state using the $2 million funds received from NRMA and RACV.

GIVIT spokesperson Caroline Odgers said many people are dealing with not only the pandemic but also natural disasters, family and domestic violence, and financial hardship.

“Large parts of this region were severely impacted by the Black Summer Bushfires, with so many people still struggling to recover,” Odgers said, as reported by Market Screener. “GIVIT facilitated the donation of more than 200,000 essential items and more than $2 million to assist people in New South Wales in the recovery of this disaster.”

Luke Gallagher, executive general manager direct claims at Insurance Australia Group (IAG), which backs NRMA, added: “So many NSW communities have experienced devastating natural disasters over the past two years, including floods, hail, and fires, and as an insurer, we've seen first-hand how difficult it can be for communities to recover from these events while also dealing with the lasting impacts of the pandemic.”

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Since its launch in September, the COVID-19 Relief Program has received requests for support from hundreds of services, including family and domestic violence services and emergency food and housing shelters. During the first two weeks, the program coordinated nearly 10,000 donations across NSW, with nearly 2,000 requests still outstanding.

Gallagher said the insurer is proud to partner with the donation platform to help communities quickly access essential items.

“Almost every facet of life has been impacted, including businesses, schools, community sports clubs, and services,” he said, as reported by Market Screener. “Our message is that help is available. GIVIT can respond to urgent requests for essential items very quickly to help people get through this challenging period. We're a free, online service for charities, support organisations, and local councils to access donations for their communities.”

As part of its ongoing work supporting initiatives that help make communities safer, more connected, and resilient, NRMA also backed the Full Stop Foundation, a fundraising arm of Rape & Domestic Violence Services in Australia, early this year by donating $2 million to launch a free and confidential 24/7 telephone counselling line and online counselling service for people experiencing domestic and family violence.

The foundation offered the national Domestic Violence Impact Line telephone and online counselling service after finding a 36% increase in people reaching out for online counselling during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Commenting on the donation, Full Stop Foundation spokesperson Helen Campbell said: “The funding we received from NRMA Insurance has allowed us to create Domestic Violence Impact Line, a new telephone and online counselling service to ensure people have access to professional, highly experienced trauma specialist counsellors who can guide them through the psychological and practical complexities of experiencing domestic and family violence.”