NTI launches safety culture and leadership coaching programme

NTI launches safety culture and leadership coaching programme | Insurance Business

NTI launches safety culture and leadership coaching programme

Transport and logistics insurance specialist NTI Ltd, which now owns New Zealand consultancy Success Formula, has launched Traction – NTI’s new safety culture and leadership coaching programme, which has already helped many Australian transport companies during its two-year pilot.

According to NTI, the programme assesses how firms perform across various areas such as safety culture, risk management, and operational processes. The goal is to provide actionable strategies to enable organisations to improve.

“Our customers engaged strongly with the opportunities and areas for improvement across leadership, communication, and safety processes identified by Traction,” noted NTI chief sustainability officer Christopher Hogarty. “It is widely acknowledged that strong cultures deliver strong results; be it to the bottom line, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and safety.”

The chief sustainability officer added: “Safety is vital to every business, especially in the increasingly regulated and high-risk transport, heavy equipment, and logistics industries. People and behaviour are what will drive risk culture, and Traction focusses on feedback from employees, customers, and suppliers to provide practical advice to business leaders.”

Amid the coronavirus crisis, NTI is offering companies a business health check at no cost, to aid them in navigating these challenging times. Interested parties are invited to reach out to NTI’s sustainability team, of which Success Formula is a part. 

Hogarty believes now is the perfect time to take a deeper look at operations and culture, as many organisations undergo change because of the pandemic.