NTI urges transport & logistics workers to focus on wellbeing

NTI urges transport & logistics workers to focus on wellbeing | Insurance Business Australia

NTI urges transport & logistics workers to focus on wellbeing

With over two million parcels delivered daily in the weeks preceding Christmas, NTI has partnered with Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS) to urge transport and logistics workers to be mindful of their wellbeing as it has already been one of the busiest years on record for the industry.

Lachlan Benson, the chief executive officer of HHTS, said workers must be reminded of practical strategies to help de-stress during this busy period. He said: “Something as simple as practising gratitude can help lower stress levels. Start the day with a positive thought or reflect on three good things that happened at the end of your day.

“Adjust your expectations of yourself – it's the busiest time of the year. It's okay to say no and take time out if that's how you choose to recharge. For others – it's starting a conversation and connecting. Be mindful of your body, too. Eat and drink to fuel your body and do it with a sense of purpose.

“It doesn't all have to come from within though. It's equally important for the community to support each other. If you're out and about – don't think twice about thanking a truckie. A little goes a long way.”

NTI is also encouraging motorists who see a heavy vehicle to wave the driver as a way to show support for transport and logistics workers.

“It's a simple way to acknowledge those who help Australians get what we need when we need it. The industry as a whole has done a tremendous job throughout 2020,” said NTI chief executive officer Tony Clark.  

“Whether you're receiving goods or at the petrol station – if you have the opportunity, say thanks to the people delivering Christmas goods nationwide, and whose enormous contribution is often taken for granted.”