POP Insurance Holdings in worldwide tech tie-up

POP Insurance Holdings in worldwide tech tie-up | Insurance Business

POP Insurance Holdings in worldwide tech tie-up

Sydney-based POP Insurance Holdings and its MGA subsidiary Fusion Specialty Insurance have launched a worldwide technology partnership with Fractal Industries, to deliver a better insurance experience and efficiencies across their ecosystem of partners, including brokers and insurers. Read more: POP partners with Allianz to launch M&A underwriting agency

Fractal Industries is an analytics and insurtech software provider that applies artificial intelligence to solve complex, real-world problems headquartered in Reston, Virginia, US, with operations also in the UK.

The technology tie-up will allow Fractal to enable Fusion’s M&A Insurance business, and ultimately other specialty insurance products, through the application of its proprietary, data-driven decision support platform – including its software, data, analytics, services, underwriting platform, and other Advanced Insurance Decision Platform (AIDP) capabilities.

“Technology-enabled insurance is engrained in Fusion’s vision, culture, and business model,” said Killian McDermott, POP and Fusion’s co-founder and executive partner. “We are therefore excited to partner with Fractal, which will enable us to apply technology, data analytics, and automated decision making to enable Fusion’s M&A Insurance product; and ultimately to differentiate in how we design, distribute, underwrite, and fulfill other specialist products.”

“We are delighted to join forces with Fractal to enhance Fusion’s M&A Insurance product, and in particular the development of the SME segment,” said David Rogers, POP and Fusion’s co-founder and executive partner and head of M&A. “We also have an opportunity to work with our ecosystem partners to deliver greater efficiencies for the existing middle market M&A product across its processes and distribution channels. We intend to achieve a good balance between the expertise of our people and the application of innovative technologies, in order to deliver a better M&A insurance experience for our clients, and to support the growth of the overall market.”