QLD residents reveal ongoing struggle with insurance

Residents tell an inquiry they are still awaiting insurance claims

QLD residents reveal ongoing struggle with insurance

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By Jonalyn Cueto

In the aftermath of a devastating flood that struck Logan in 2022, Linda Fielding, a resident, finds herself residing in a makeshift caravan after her former dwelling was engulfed by a deluge. “Can you see that across the doorway that stops the rats and the snakes and the toads,” she remarked as she showed her current home to ABC News, highlighting the harsh conditions she faces daily.

Her home, swallowed by the waters, remains unchanged after more than two years, a stark reminder of the challenges she endures. Yet, her battle extends beyond nature’s fury to a legal tussle with her insurer.

“It’s almost like it’s deliberate, beating down of the people that it’s supposed to be looking after,” Fielding said.

The toll is not just physical but also mental, with Fielding revealing struggles with PTSD and depression, necessitating medication.

Allen Cornick, another victim of the flooding, echoes Fielding’s sentiments. According to the ABC News report, repair works to his Cedar Creek residence have been persistently deferred, escalating costs and prolonging the agony. “Very, very long, stressful, debilitating mentally and physically upsetting and disturbing time for us all,” he told the inquiry.

These grievances, from processing delays to inadequate communication, have been thrust into the spotlight at a hearing in Logan. Advocates underscore the ongoing plight of those grappling with insurance claims, with one representative stating, “Our organization works with people every day who are still struggling with the claims of their insurance in 2022.”

Adding to the residents’ woes are soaring insurance premiums, rendering homeowners financially strained.

Furthermore, scrutiny has fallen upon flood risk management practices, with concerns raised regarding the disproportionate allocation of resources.

“We’ve been spending 50 times more cleaning up after natural disasters than preparing for and mitigating them,” one representative said.

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