RACQ initiative raises $70,000 to future-proof koalas

RACQ initiative raises $70,000 to future-proof koalas | Insurance Business

RACQ initiative raises $70,000 to future-proof koalas

RACQ’s fundraising drive to help future-proof koalas has raised $72,731 for the development of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital’s Koala Intensive Care Unit (KICU).

The initiative was rolled out in late January to help build a climate-controlled KICU facility where specialist veterinarians and nurses can care for the ever-increasing number of ill koalas, especially following a challenging trauma season. Each year, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital treats more than 800 koalas from Queensland and northern New South Wales.

“It was devastating to see the impact bushfires, drought and flooding have had on our native wildlife in Queensland and throughout the country,” said Glenn Toms, RACQ acting group CEO. “These challenging conditions have coincided with trauma season, which makes this fundraiser even more vital for Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital and its specialist KICU. This money will now go towards future-proofing our native wildlife population against further challenges.”

Rosie Booth, director of Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, said there had been a worrying increase in patient numbers as a result of severe weather conditions.

“The scary truth is that we may never know the full extent that the drought and these fires have had on our wildlife, and some species may never recover,” Booth said. “The recent bushfires have added to the existing pressures, animals have presented with smoke inhalation, starvation, burns but most of all animals have been impacted by the prolonged drought. We are so grateful for the support of RACQ and its members contributing to our efforts to assist hundreds of koalas that desperately need our help.”