RACT takes action against traffic woes

RACT takes action against traffic woes | Insurance Business

RACT takes action against traffic woes

Insurer RACT has teamed up with the University of Tasmania to develop a vision for mobility in the Greater Hobart area.

RACT said a holistic 30-year vision (2020 to 2050) is a must to address Hobart’s growing population and tourist numbers and worsening traffic congestion, and to deliver a future for Greater Hobart that is “liveable, dynamic, and sustainable.”

“The RACT is yet to see a single comprehensive plan for mobility in Hobart and believes completing individual projects without an overarching plan will not address long term mobility and congestion issues,” the motoring group said.

Public submissions are currently being refined by an independent panel of five experts, who will then discuss the selected submissions at a free public forum at the University of Tasmania’s Stanley Burbury Theatre on Nov. 19, at 5:30pm. Interested participants are required to register.

To help develop the vision, RACT is also conducting a mobility survey to fully understand travel patterns and the underlying reasons for travel around the Greater Hobart area.

The data will be collected and combined to form a cohesive Greater Hobart mobility vision, which RACT can use to lobby on behalf of all Tasmanians.

For information about the panel and to register for the forum, or to learn more about the mobility survey, visit the RACT website.