Solution Underwriting launches new medical insurance offering

Solution Underwriting launches new medical insurance offering | Insurance Business

Solution Underwriting launches new medical insurance offering

Solution Underwriting has rolled out Expatriate Medical Insurance to offer clients peace of mind amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new offering focuses on medical bills resulting from the pandemic. It covers COVID-19 tests if the policyholder is asymptomatic, the test is available, and a doctor ordered a test. It also covers in-patient treatment in an isolation ward if available.

Other features include:

  • Comprehensive cover: The Expatriate Medical Insurance includes emergency evacuation cover, with options to add cancer treatment and chronic care, in-patient and outpatient treatment, maternity, dental, wellness, or optical cover.
  • Total flexibility: The product's Flexible Choices plan is available to corporate groups with one to four employees, with simplified medical underwriting and medical history disregarded for more than five employees. Solution Underwriting could also tailor a package for larger companies with 30 or more employees.
  • 24/7 global support: Policyholders can find the nearest suitable medical facility through a phone call with Solution Underwriting's global claims team. They can also choose where to receive treatment.
  • Lifestyle rewards: Policyholders who exercise regularly, drink responsibly, and do not smoke can earn rewards, including up to a 25% discount on premiums for individual and family plans.

The new product also features a Compulsory Inpatient Cover available to individuals, families, and groups, with options for added benefits, including cancer treatment and chronic care with the choice of full cover, restricted cover, or no cover; outpatient treatment with five options ranging from no cover to a full-refund option; and additional benefits, including routine dental treatment, wellness benefit, optical cover, and maternity care.