Study reveals top driving fears

Study reveals top driving fears | Insurance Business

Study reveals top driving fears

A new study by has revealed that Australian drivers were anxious behind the wheel, with the potential financial impact of an accident making it to the top five of their concerns.

The survey of more than 2,100 drivers found that 84% of Australians, equivalent to 14.7 million people, have concerns on the road, particularly when it comes to factors that were beyond their control.

Their top concerns include other drivers being reckless, at 58%; followed by running over a pedestrian, 27%; driving in bad weather, 25%; and hitting an animal, 25%.

“With yet another large road toll over the summer holidays, it’s no wonder so many Australians are worried when they’re behind the wheel,” said Bessie Hassan, insurance expert at "You’d be feeling more concerned about those who are overconfident drivers.”

The research also revealed that one in five Australians were fearful of the financial impact of an accident.

“Finances are a big cause of stress to many Aussies, and the reality is that drivers without comprehensive insurance cover could end up spending thousands to repair unexpected damage to their vehicle or others,” Hassan said.

To allay some of their fears, Hassan urged drivers to take out added protection.

“Those concerned about the financial impact of an accident should look to comprehensive car insurance as a safety net,” she said.

Other top driving concerns revealed by the study were receiving a traffic infringement, driving next to a truck, having to reverse park, and teaching someone else to drive. Three per cent of respondents, meanwhile, submitted separate phobias, including the car catching on fire, other drivers using their high beam, hitting a cyclist, and tailgaters.

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