Sustainability head on threats and futureproofing

Sustainability head on threats and futureproofing | Insurance Business

Sustainability head on threats and futureproofing

Specialist insurer NTI recently announced the creation of a sustainability team, with insider Chris Hogarty heading up the dedicated function.

Speaking at the time of the announcement, NTI CEO Tony Clark said the team would be focused on developing specialist solutions to help future-proof businesses.

“Our vision is one of safety and sustainability; sustainability for our customers, for hard working business owners and operators, and the ever-changing industry that’s so heavily entwined in the lives of all Australians,” said Clark.

Now, just weeks after his appointment, Chris Hogarty has offered insight into the threats NTI will be focussing on as well as the ways in which the insurer will be offering help.

“In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges for all businesses in the current economic environment is balancing competitiveness with investment into their business,” said Hogarty.

“Investment is essential for growth and continuous improvement, whilst managing expenses ratio and profitability in a dynamic environment,” he continued.

“Achieving this requires managing massive amounts of internal and external change drivers; another of the biggest challenges facing businesses today as economies change and disruptive technologies impact people, roles and industries.”

While the sustainability team has already made an impact thanks to its partnership with driver monitoring tech firm Seeing Machines, Hogarty said the insurer will continue to help in other ways.

“NTI will help by leveraging its own experience as an insurer in managing change and using its specialist knowledge of the transport industry to provide relevant solutions to help achieve these outcomes, for example, extending on last year’s Chain of Responsible Tools and templates for our industry,” he said.