Moving house – Australians focus more on local coffee spots than weather risks

A majority did not know where to find advice regarding weather risks, report said

Moving house – Australians focus more on local coffee spots than weather risks

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By Roxanne Libatique

Australians moving house are more likely to check where they can grab a coffee or food rather than check the wild weather risks to their safety and property, according to NRMA Insurance's (NRMA) latest research.

The study is included in the latest NRMA Insurance Wild Weather Tracker report. It revealed that only 26% of Australians who recently relocated or planning to relocate researched the new property's resilience against wild weather risks.

Moreover, 62% said they don't know where to find advice regarding weather risks in their local area, despite the more frequent and severe weather events in recent years.

“With the increasing frequency and severity of wild weather, it's important for all Australians, particularly those moving to a new area, to know their local weather risks,” said Luke Gallagher, executive general manager for direct claims at NRMA.

Severe weather risks vary significantly by location, even within towns and suburbs. Knowing the specific risks you face is vital, whether that's a high risk such as flood, bushfire, and cyclone or even general risks from wind and storm damage to your property. Not understanding this level of risk can have major safety and financial impacts.”

How will Australians feel more prepared for wild weather?

When asked what would help them feel more prepared for wild weather, 44% of the respondents said knowledge about practical preparedness steps will “make the biggest evidence.”

“The actions you take to prepare today can make all the difference if the worst happens,” Gallagher said. “We encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the advice from their state and territory emergency services. Local council websites and the Bureau of Meteorology are also excellent sources of practical information.”

IAG focuses on improving extreme weather resilience

NRMA's parent company, IAG, is committed to helping Australians become more resilient to extreme weather events.

Early this year, IAG announced its catastrophe reinsurance program for the year, which includes a main catastrophe cover for two events up to $10 billion, with $338 million retention. The insurance giant also provided support for flood-impacted customers and communities in Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Wales.

Last month, IAG announced that its employees teamed up with the South Australian State Emergency Service (SASES) to protect communities from the threat of floods.

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