Allianz Partners enhances customer support with new online chat

Travel insurance partner to benefit from new feature

Allianz Partners enhances customer support with new online chat


By Roxanne Libatique

Allianz Partners Australia has rolled out a new online chat service for HCF travel insurance customers, aimed at delivering immediate support for travel-related queries.

Available from Monday to Saturday through the HCF travel insurance website, this feature connects users directly with customer service agents, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of support.

Allianz Partners Australia online chat service features

This initiative leverages a customer service platform developed by Cognigy, facilitating streamlined communications between customers and service agents.

Damien Arthur, executive head of travel at Allianz Partners Australia, said that this deployment utilises global resources to enrich local service capabilities.

“The chat functionality provides HCF customers greater flexibility in connecting with us, ensuring a seamless service experience,” he said.

The service currently relies on live agents, but plans are underway to incorporate artificial intelligence technologies. This upcoming upgrade will automate responses to common questions and requests, enabling round-the-clock service through an AI-driven virtual assistant.

This move is part of Allianz Partners Australia's broader strategy to employ advanced digital tools in its service offerings, aiming to elevate the standard of omnichannel customer support and better serve the dynamic needs of customers and business partners. It follows the company's reinsurance milestone in India and leadership appointment.

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