Ansvar elevates tech and security with strategic partnership

Long-standing partnership evolves as company's growth increases operational demands

Ansvar elevates tech and security with strategic partnership


By Roxanne Libatique

Ansvar Insurance Ltd is updating its technology infrastructure with the help of Interactive, a leading Australian IT service provider, to enhance data security and regulatory compliance.

The insurance company said robust data protection is crucial, given its focus on sectors handling sensitive information.

Tie-up enhances risk management

The collaboration aims to strengthen the insurer’s data security while maintaining continuous operational uptime.

“It is our business to understand risk,” said Heather Santin, IT manager at Ansvar. “As business needs change and new technology comes about, we need to be agile in identifying and adopting these improved platforms – enabling the business to understand and manage risk and gain leverage. Thanks to Interactive, we’re able to provide our customers with peace of mind that we’re well-equipped to meet the high standards and compliance obligations that are expected of us.”

Partnership with Interactive evolves

Since 2016, Interactive has supported Ansvar with a comprehensive suite of managed services.

The insurer said its growth has led to increased operational demands. To meet these needs, it is transitioning from a private to a public cloud platform with support from Interactive’s cybersecurity and cloud services. This shift aims to enhance risk mitigation, scalability, and streamline operations.

“Ansvar takes a rigorous approach to risk management, and so we find that our goals are aligned, particularly when it comes to ensuring security is at the core of innovation and our modernisation efforts,” said Christoper Thomas (pictured above), account executive at Interactive. “It is rewarding for us to support Ansvar as it looks to build a robust technology strategy for the future.”

Interactive has also facilitated Ansvar’s migration to Microsoft 365 to improve communication and workflow through tools like Teams and Outlook.

Additionally, the partnership has streamlined Ansvar’s operations, offering improved scalability, flexibility, and cost savings. The cloud migration and workplace modernisation enable Ansvar to access essential information and applications remotely, enhancing both customer service and employee experience.

Cybersecurity awareness training

To further bolster its cybersecurity resilience, Ansvar collaborated with Interactive to deliver cybersecurity awareness training for employees and brokers.

“In a rapidly changing technological environment, a solution that’s perfect today may not be suitable tomorrow,” said Santin. “When we started our work with Interactive, we were looking for a strong partner to future proof Ansvar, and that’s exactly what we found.”

The partnership will deliver the training as Australia continues to face a significant increase in data breaches, with reports revealing that 1.8 million user accounts across the country were compromised in the first quarter of 2024.

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