New Australian insurtech platform aims to streamline the claims process

New Australian insurtech platform aims to streamline the claims process | Insurance Business

New Australian insurtech platform aims to streamline the claims process

Launching this month, a new cloud-based, Software as a Service Platform (SaaS) is being introduced in an attempt to streamline and simplify the claims process in emergency repairs. ClaimSafe, which has the aim of being the most efficient home emergency response service in the market, will roll out its stage one product. Its CEO and co-founder, Andrew Barlow (pictured), told Insurance Business that ClaimSafe is all about delivering “a really streamlined process,” for all stakeholders.

For Barlow and ClaimSafe, the word that is constantly bounced around is simplicity. The platform connects stakeholders though a shared platform ensuring collaboration every step of the way. Aiming to reducing response times with the use of location-based services, ClaimSafe allocates the nearest trades through a live dashboard to accelerate the repair process. It aims to tie together all involved – insurers, brokers, loss adjusters and builders.

Insurance Business sat down with Barlow to learn more about the venture.

“It’s an emergency property response, it’s built to manage the claims process with all the stakeholders involved on one platform,” he explained. “It’s all a very streamlined process.”

One of the ideas behind ClaimSafe was to benefit all the parties involved and in different ways. For brokers, the platform will update clients throughout the process while it assists insurers in finding the best emergency response that can be delivered in the quickest amount of time. It also transfers information to loss adjustors, while, for those in construction, ClaimSafe allows builders to upload photos and generate reports in real time.

“The biggest benefit of our system is that it eliminates a lot of unnecessary communication,” explained Barlow. By putting the process on to one platform, it means that communication is singularised, accelerating the whole effort. “It allows for claims to be turned around very quickly,” he said.

The concept came about when Barlow determined that the process would benefit from being made simpler, for all parties.

“The thing I realised over the years was just how disconnected the whole process was,” explained Barlow. “Something that needed to be fast and simple, was anything but.”

Barlow, along with the other stakeholders of ClaimSafe, all have around 10 years’ experience in the industry, and in their opinion the process needed reinventing.

“The tipping point for me was when I received some photographs from a builder,” he said. Barlow was a piece of the claims-process-puzzle and would have to act as a middleman and send photographs on to the next figure in the chain. “At that point, I thought – ‘this is crazy. Why can’t there be a better system than this?’,” he explained.

With the launch of stage one in a matter of weeks, ClaimSafe is not intending to stand still. Stage two will be the ‘polishing’ stage, while stage three is also being worked on.

“We’ve built stage two now and it’s ready to rock-n-roll, but we just have some other features we want to add to it,” Barlow explained. The speed at which ClaimSafe has grown has pleasantly surprised Barlow and the team as they target what they see as a gap in the market.