ASB Queensgate branch re-opens as mobile caravan

ASB Queensgate branch re-opens as mobile caravan | Insurance Business New Zealand

ASB Queensgate branch re-opens as mobile caravan

Leading financial institution ASB New Zealand, which also provides insurance, has announced its Lower Hutt Queensgate branch is returning as a pop-up Caravan Branch.

The branch-on-wheels offers over-the-counter transactions. Customers can also meet with personal bankers, complete online banking tasks and open new accounts.

Located on the corner of Waterloo and High Street, the 8.5 metre long caravan opened on August 01. It will operate as a temporary mini branch until the Queensgate mall location can be reopened.

ASB branch manager Jodie Gabriel said it was a difficult decision to leave the ASB Queensgate branch in the mall. The bank left Lower Hutt’s Queensgate Shopping Centre after a detailed seismic assessment of the mall revealed it was earthquake-prone.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone back to ASB and our caravan branch,” Gabriel said.

The caravan is wheelchair accessible and will operate from the site until further notice.


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