EQC launches enhanced claims management system

EQC launches enhanced claims management system | Insurance Business New Zealand

EQC launches enhanced claims management system

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has launched its enhanced claims management system, just in time for Kāpiti claims.

The enhancement, which was launched last week, provides EQC’s event response teams with real-time information and reports — and those affected by the recent Kāpiti Coast quakes were the first customers to experience the new automated processes in the insurer’s claims system.

Renée Walker, deputy chief executive for readiness and recovery at EQC, said they have been working hard over the last year to improve the organisation’s systems in order to speed up the claims process and improve customer experience.

“We are focused on being better prepared for the next big event, based on all the lessons we have learned since the Canterbury earthquakes. By automating parts of the claims process, our settlement teams will be freed up from administrative tasks to focus on the customer and support them through the claims process,” Walker said.

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Walker is encouraging those who were affected by the earthquake to go online or contact EQC about filing a claim.

“You can now lodge your claim online, or you can phone us so we can help you lodge a claim and explain the support that EQC can provide throughout the claim process. Each claim is individually assessed,” she said — adding that earthquakes serve as a reminder that “we need to take steps to make our homes safer and stronger.”

“There are important preparedness steps we can all take, such as fixing and fastening household items, removing hazardous chimney types and checking foundations,” Walker concluded.