EQC receives threatening letter

EQC receives threatening letter | Insurance Business

EQC receives threatening letter

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has been working with the police after it reportedly received a threatening letter referencing the Christchurch terror attack.

The anonymous letter that threatened EQC staff was received on May 01, Stuff reported. EQC Minister Megan Woods confirmed the letter referenced the recent Christchurch terror attack. Woods believes there is potential that the letter was sent by the same person who sent the state insurer a bullet in January 2017, the publication reported.

While the threat was non-specific and not focused on any particular building or address, EQC deputy chief executive Renée Walker confirmed the letter was aimed at Christchurch staff and was a threat to kill.

Walker said since receipt of the letter security measures had been put in place across all its offices. These include an increased security presence on site, and the removal of branding from clothing, vehicles and buildings. Police have also increased patrols around the EQC offices.

Walker told Stuff the threat had “added pressure in an already stressful job.” People may experience personal stress or feelings of anger following a natural disaster, or in response to interactions with EQC, and a very small number then choose to display threatening behaviour, she noted.

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“There is no excuse to abuse, threaten, or even assault EQC staff and those working for us,” she added. “While we may not always get things right, our people turn up on a daily basis to try and help people in the best way they know how.”