Health insurer offers premium relief, expands scope of cover

Health insurer offers premium relief, expands scope of cover | Insurance Business

Health insurer offers premium relief, expands scope of cover

Health insurer nib has announced a support package for customers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, with CEO Rob Hennin saying it has a “critical role to play” during this period.

nib’s customers can now apply for premium relief if they are experiencing financial hardship, which means they will be able to suspend their premium payments for up to six months. Pre-approvals will also now be valid for six months, and nib has expanded its coverage for treatment of COVID-19 related conditions.

Hennin has encouraged customers to contact nib’s emergency and assistance team, which is available 24/7, if they need support.

He says customers have been seeking reassurances around their coverage over recent weeks, and that in some cases, nib will be reaching out to affected customers directly.

“Members are increasingly seeking more information about COVID-19, how to minimise their risks and what coverage is available under their policy,” Hennin commented.

“We’ve also seen an increase in members contacting us to discuss financial assistance as many are facing difficulties during the lockdown.

“We’ve published information on our website and across our social channels to assist our members, and we will be contacting them directly to advise them of the support options we have available.”

Hennin says that all existing nib customers will be able to access the premium relief offer, or the ability to temporarily suspend their policy and payments for up to six months. He also noted that nib has expanded the scope of its coverage for its health policies, and that this would not affect premium prices.

“We have expanded coverage for chest, lung, kidney and bladder or other treatment related to conditions caused by COVID-19 across all levels of hospital cover at no additional cost,” he stated.

“With our country in lockdown, many of our members confront profound uncertainty and the threat or reality of unemployment. We are doing as much as we can to help them maintain their cover and, more broadly, stay safe and healthy.”