Host of ACC claims connected to e-scooters – report

Host of ACC claims connected to e-scooters – report | Insurance Business

Host of ACC claims connected to e-scooters – report

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) has received 38 electric scooter-related injuries, two weeks after an e-scooter service launch, according to reports.

In October, global electric scooter Lime secured approval from authorities to launch its service in the country. At the time, 600 scooters were distributed across Auckland and 400 in Christchurch, which Lime noted will soon rise to a total of 1,000 scooters and 700 respectively.

Now, an article by Stuff reported a booming number of injuries connected to the service. Of the 38 ACC claims that were e-scooter related since Lime was introduced, 27 were reportedly in Auckland and 11 in Christchurch.

Scooter-related injuries are a concern, and there was a significant increase in people attending local emergency departments when e-scooters were introduced in Auckland and Christchurch, Australasian College for Emergency Medicine president Dr John Bonning told the publication.

“Two to three patients a day, across an age range,” he explained. “The company needs to warn people about the dangers and councils need to consider regulations.

“The main issue is the public just needs to be aware about the risks of these [scooters]. Helmets won’t solve [all] the issues.”

Lime is looking to launch its e-scooters in Hamilton and the city council is waiting for the company’s formal proposal, Stuff added.