Lime scooters hit New Zealand streets

Lime scooters hit New Zealand streets | Insurance Business

Lime scooters hit New Zealand streets

A total of 1,000 new “green” scooters have made it to the streets of Auckland and Christchurch.

Global electric scooter firm Lime has secured approval from the local authorities and the New Zealand Transport Agency to launch its smart, dock-free scooters in the country.

The launch will see 600 scooters distributed across Auckland and 400 in Christchurch - soon to rise to a total of 1,000 and 700 scooters respectively.

“We have carefully considered how to maximise the benefit of our e-scooters in New Zealand,” New Zealand Lime launcher Hank Rowe said. “The advantage of our e-scooters is they work together with existing public transit by increasing the accessibility of public transport so people can rely less on personal cars.”

Lime noted it worked closely with authorities to make sure all risks and safety concerns were carefully considered and mitigated prior to launch.

Lime launched in New Zealand prior to its introduction in Australia and following the company’s success in Europe and North America.