IAG NZ warns of new flood risk

IAG NZ warns of new flood risk | Insurance Business

IAG NZ warns of new flood risk
New Zealand’s biggest insurer is warning against contaminated and dangerous properties, as it reported logging more than 1,200 claims from the heavy rainstorm and flooding that hit northern parts of the North Island over last weekend.

“Assessors have been mobilised, but we would like to remind our customers to be aware of the potential issue of contaminated, or ‘black’ water, which can pose a health risk,” Craig Olsen, chief executive of IAG NZ, said in a New Zealand Herald report.

According to the insurer, it has so far received 1,200 claims, 600 of which were lodged on Monday, with more incoming.

“The majority are home insurance claims in Auckland,” Olsen’s office told the publication.

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Speaking about the flood risk, Olsen added: “It is a common issue during cleaning up after a flood event, therefore we have developed guidelines for anyone who has concerns or is experiencing this problem at the moment. Please take extra care while you are dealing with potentially contaminated items.”

The insurer advised people to wash cooking, eating, and other kitchen utensils that had been covered by the flood water. It said the flood could have also made the air inside the house unhealthy.

“When things get wet for more than two days, they usually get mouldy. There may also be germs and bugs in your home after a flood. Mould may be more likely to make some people with asthma, allergies and other breathing problems sick.”

AIG warned people to wait for the officials’ go-signal before they enter flooded premises, and be alert to the dangers brought by electrical and hidden damage in buildings, the report said.

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