Insurance ombudsman advises on damaging weather

Insurance ombudsman advises on damaging weather | Insurance Business New Zealand

Insurance ombudsman advises on damaging weather

As wet and windy weather continues in some parts of the country, the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) is calling on New Zealanders whose properties have suffered damage to contact their insurer as soon as they can.

IFSO Karen Stevens said homeowners must photograph any damage to properties and contact their insurer before cleaning up.

Over the past 23 years, the IFSO Scheme has dealt with many weather-related insurance complaints. 

“We’ve seen a number of cases where people have cleaned up after a flood, thrown items away, and then had difficulty proving that the items were damaged,” Stevens noted. “When you don’t have proof, claims can be declined.”

The IFSO also urged Kiwis to take preventive measures at home and on the roads. These include reading and heeding road warnings; and tying or buckling down heavy items at home and unplugging sensitive equipment in case of a power cut.


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