It’s “not going to be an overnight job” at TLC Insurance

Agency's underwriting development manager talks about crucial role

It’s “not going to be an overnight job” at TLC Insurance

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By Terry Gangcuangco

TLC Insurance, a specialist 360 Underwriting Solutions underwriting agency that works with over 240 brokers in the heavy machinery space, has appointed an underwriting development manager who is up to the challenge of the firm’s growth aspirations. Adrian Burmeister (pictured) sat down with Insurance Business to talk about what’s ahead for the key hire.

Originally from South Africa, Burmeister couldn’t have picked a better time to move to New Zealand.

Recalling how his pairing with TLC came to be, he shared: “There’s no denying it was meant to be –the timing of TLC looking for a UDM and me relocating to New Zealand at exactly the same time.”

Burmeister said he has not looked back since joining the agency this year. Now based in Auckland, the new underwriting development manager is the first to hold this title at TLC and has been busy being on the road.

The role creation was first shared by head of TLC Insurance, Andrew Reid, with Insurance Business in late 2022. At the time, Reid said they wanted someone who would meet with both current and prospective broker partners across New Zealand to grow TLC’s portfolio, particularly in the non-forestry space.

This nationwide span, according to Burmeister, is what he is expecting to be his biggest challenge.

“I look forward to meeting brokers in the mobile plant space and being able to do it on a regular basis, because that’s what people want,” Burmeister said. “They want consistency. That’s one of the big things, is consistency in visits... It’s being able to go out there on a regular basis and get to know the broker and their environment.”

‘It’s not going to be an overnight job’

One of the areas of focus for the underwriting development manager is letting brokers know of TLC’s expertise, which, contrary to popular belief, isn’t limited to forestry.

“There’s a common misconception in the marketplace that TLC only does forestry, but we have done civil construction, earthworks, and mining pretty much since we started in 1998,” Burmeister told Insurance Business.

“My experience in the heavy machinery market has been quite extensive, particularly in civil works, earthmoving, and mining sectors in South Africa. So, coming over, my primary focus is going to be to broaden the scope of our book into those areas, albeit that mining is on a smaller scale in New Zealand.

“[The goal] is to change the perspective of the market and say, ‘Look, we actually do a lot more than just forestry; we can help you in the civil space; we can help you in the mining space’. We can even help them in the agricultural space, as we do cover agricultural equipment as well.”

Burmeister acknowledged that the role would involve not just a lot of travelling but also a good amount of educating brokers.

“Which I enjoy,” he said. “I served as president of the Insurance Institute of Northern Gauteng in South Africa for two years following almost five years on the committee, and I’ve always had an affinity towards education, upskilling, and developing brokers so they can get the best advice to the clients on the products that are available.”

What excites Burmeister, he said, is the idea of growing with the TLC brand and being able to take the 360 Underwriting Solutions-owned agency to the next level.

Burmeister told Insurance Business: “It’s not going to be an overnight job; initially it’s going to take some time to get out to everyone. However, we will be getting in contact with all the brokers as we go along. I’m looking forward to it. For me it’s about building relationships and trust with the brokers.

“The product speaks for itself – it is the best heavy machinery product in the market. It’s just about continuing to build the brand trust and brand awareness with the brokers and create a relationship with them that they know there is a specialist underwriting agency for heavy machinery.”

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