Marketing: more than just your firm's "colouring department"

Marketing: more than just your firm's "colouring department" | Insurance Business New Zealand

Marketing: more than just your firm's "colouring department"

Insurance Business’s inaugural Women in Insurance Awards are drawing closer – an event which will bring together a huge mix of individuals from across the insurance sector, all with amazing stories to tell.

One of the highly anticipated Award categories is Marketing and Comms Executive of the Year, and according to finalist Debbie Lowe, marketing and communications executive at Crombie Lockwood, this is a fast-evolving and highly creative area of the insurance sector which is much more than just a company’s “colouring department.”

“There are so many parts of my job that I love,” Lowe told Insurance Business.

“I’m passionate about the client, and the experience that they get when dealing with Crombie Lockwood. I also get to experience being part of the executive leadership team at Crombie Lockwood, and so get to partake in business discussions and decisions beyond just marketing, which is really stimulating.”

 “A huge amount of insight, analysis and planning goes into steering the brand and designing the marketing direction for Crombie Lockwood,” Lowe explained. “The way data and digital marketing has evolved also means that we’re becoming more and more technical in our approach as marketers. We closely align ourselves to ROI and our relationship to supporting sales is key to our licence to operate.”

When it comes to marketing strategies, Lowe says a good structure is to balance marketing theory with your gut instinct. She says that while market research is inevitably a vital part of the process, being in tune with a client’s thoughts and thinking processes is just as important when trying to convey your message.

“I believe that intuition in marketing can be powerful,” Lowe said. “As much as research and data are invaluable to the decisions and choices you make, I also think it’s important to have a feel for how creative, channel and audience choices will play out. A highly developed emotional quotient can really assist making sure you’re empathetic, authentic and client focused.”