Most Kiwi drivers want compulsory car insurance - survey

by Mina Martin 10 Feb 2017

Most Kiwi drivers want compulsory car insurance - survey

Three out of four Kiwi drivers want car insurance to be compulsory for the three million passenger vehicles cruising NZ roads, according to a recent study by a consumer satisfaction company.

Canstar Blue GM Jose George said the survey, which polled 1,680 drivers, showed “pretty overwhelming” results, especially in some regions, such as Bay of Plenty and Taranaki, where over 80% of respondents called for compulsory third party insurance.

“Although only 8% of our respondents had been involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, people are obviously worried about being left out of pocket if it happens to them,” he said.

With many Kiwis viewing their cars as one of their most valuable assets, and with over 70% of NZ traffic made up of private passenger cars and vans, George said it is no surprise that Kiwis want to ensure they are financially covered in case of an accident.

“Unfortunately it can be more common that we think - 52% of our respondents had been involved in an accident,” he said.

Canstar Blue revealed that Kiwis spend an average $688 on car insurance. To manage premium costs, 23% of respondents said they pay in installments. Twenty-eight per cent of people, meanwhile, avail their home and car insurance from the same provider to get a discount.

The survey also found that only 34% of policyholders know what their car insurance covers, and 19% of respondents said they want their premiums to be based on usage.

In addition, Canstar Blue announced that Vero scooped this year’s Canstar Blue Car Insurance Customer Satisfaction award.

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  • Bruce 10/02/2017 10:18:38 p.m.
    We keep hearing this rubbish, mostly because most people don't understand. If they make sure their car is insured they have no worries.
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