New Zealanders confess to texting while driving

New Zealanders confess to texting while driving | Insurance Business

New Zealanders confess to texting while driving
Ever picked up your phone to check your messages while driving? It’s one of those things we know we shouldn’t do… but sadly, it seems an awful lot of us just can’t help ourselves.

According to a new survey, commissioned by IAG Insurance and reported on in the New Zealand Herald, one in five Kiwis send texts while driving – although it seems that’s just the start of the problem.

In addition, 50% of people said they eat or drink while driving; and 14% have taken phone calls in their car without a hands-free device.

Given that distracted driving led to 21 deaths on New Zealand roads back in 2014, as well as 159 serious injury crashes, there are plenty of reasons for the insurance industry to drive home the message to their clients about not taking such unnecessary risks. After all, motorists may be insured for simple negligence but in many cases they will not be covered for accidents resulting from recklessness or gross negligence.

Here is the survey’s list of top 10 risky driving behaviours and the percentage of New Zealanders taking those risks.

The top 10 risky driving behaviours:
1. Eating and drinking while driving: 54%
2. Reaching or searching for objects in the vehicle: 43%
3. Changing lanes without indicating: 23%
4. Being distracted by a child or pet in the vehicle: 20%
5. Sending a text while driving: 20%
6. Talking on a mobile phone while driving (NOT through a hands-free device): 14%
7. Tailgating another vehicle: 9%
8. Not giving way at a roundabout, etc.: 9%
9. Had a near miss with a motorbike, scooter or cyclist while driving: 9%
10. Driving a car or motorbike with high heels: 8%

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