Pet insurer launches world's first food and drink warning symbol for pets

The 'Paws Off!' symbol helps tell which are safe for pets and which aren't

Pet insurer launches world's first food and drink warning symbol for pets

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By Kenneth Araullo

Southern Cross Pet Insurance (SCPI) has launched the world’s first food and drink warning symbol for pets to protect the wellbeing of domestic animals. Called “Paws Off!,” the warning symbol was created in conjunction with the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) and can be downloaded for free by food and drink manufacturers to use on their product packaging.

SCPI head of product and marketing Bridgette Muir said that the project can be likened to labels like “not tested on animals” or “don’t drink alcohol when pregnant.” It aims to let pet owners know in an instant if a product that they enjoy (that’s also specifically made for humans) is safe for their pets.

The insurer also challenged food and beverage brands in New Zealand and across the world to pick up the “Paws Off!” symbol and do their part to communicate whether or not their products are safe for animals. SCPI also released a list of ingredients toxic to animals to help manufacturers know if they are possibly using it on their products.

More than $250K in pet claims recorded over last 12 months

Sally Cory, member of the NZVA, said that their partnership with SCPI represents their goal to educate pet owners to reduce avoidable and sometimes fatal illnesses.

“Southern Cross Pet Insurance has shared some big numbers with us, with more than $268,000 in claims paid out for pet’s consumption of chocolate, raisins, and other harmful foods over the last 12 months. The road to recovery can involve significant costs, especially if you don’t have pet insurance to help foot the bill for treatment,” Cory said.

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