Pinnacle Life launches 'confronting' campaign

Pinnacle Life launches 'confronting' campaign | Insurance Business

Pinnacle Life launches

New Zealand-owned insurance company, Pinnacle Life has kicked off a new campaign urging Kiwis to think about protecting what makes them feel lucky.

The campaign features a story of “the world’s luckiest man” surrounded by the family he loves. However, his unexpected passing means his family loses a father, husband and their financial security, resulting in a harder path for his son “our boy” as he grows up. While luck may mean different things, Pinnacle Life believes family is central to why people feel lucky and are grateful for the loved ones in their lives.

“It was important to create a campaign that would connect people emotionally to the story, those special family moments we cherish and remember – a story that celebrates life,” Pinnacle Life chief executive Gillian Vaughan said. “We realise this story might be a bit confronting. Talking about ‘the unthinkable’ and what would happen to those left behind are big conversations to have over the dinner table, but they’re really important ones.

“This campaign highlights why life insurance is so important – protecting those closest to us should we pass unexpectedly,” she noted.

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Meanwhile, Pinnacle Life general manager of operations Amy Cavanaugh believes the procrss of taking out an insurance policy needs to be as simple and easy as possible. That’s why Pinnacle Life was the first insurance provider to offer an online service and why we’re committed to making insurance accessible to everyone, she said.

“So, if you wake up at 3am and just have to get your life insurance sorted, you can visit our website to get covered straight away,” Cavanaugh noted. “We want Kiwis to be able to protect those that matter most, in a way that it easy and affordable.

“Because in life there are lots of things that you can’t control, but putting protection in place to provide for your loved ones should the unthinkable happen, is something you do have control over,” she added.