Revealed: host of claims settled for one-month old GCCRS

Revealed: host of claims settled for one-month old GCCRS | Insurance Business New Zealand

Revealed: host of claims settled for one-month old GCCRS

The Greater Christchurch Resolution Service (GCCRS) has reported “encouraging” claims resolution figures, just a month after its official launch.

According to GCCRS, its team has received 260 calls, responded to 150 emails and met with 37 homeowners with unresolved residential insurance claims.

Settlement support brokers from GCCRS have 206 cases open and are working with homeowners, the Earthquake Commission (EQC), Southern Response and private insurers towards a resolution, GCCRS director Darren Wright said.

“What’s even more exciting is we’ve already resolved 17 cases, meaning these homeowners can now move on with their lives,” he noted.

GCCRS mentioned the case of Professor Dr Bagchi JP, a homeowner caught-up in a long-drawn and frustrating settlement process. After working with the resolution services support broker, he reportedly received an updated offer from his insurer in less than a week.

“We were able to settle our dispute in terms that were far more reasonable than we could have hoped in light of our earlier negotiations with the insurer,” he said. “We would certainly recommend the GCCRS process to anyone else, who is experiencing issues with settling their earthquake claims with either EQC or the insurer.”

“This is an encouraging start for GCCRS and demonstrates how the GCCRS model can help homeowners,” Wright added.

He is urging anyone with unresolved claims to call, email, or visit GCCRS.

GCCRS is being hosted and operated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). It is located on Cashel Street, Christchurch.